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Our focus Area

Leadership Training, Mentorship and Guidance, Vocational Skills and Health

We are creating an environment, where people will learn about information Technology, Introduction to use of computer, computer engineering skills, introduction to software's, computer networking and use of internet. Special IT training like: Software Engineering, Web Technology, Robotics, and Computer Operation.

Our needs

Lend a hand to help us achieve our goals.

Below is the requirement we propose at KENBUS foundation in other to fulfill our promises:

  • Funding to cover costs of logistics and overhead
  • Projector, Inverter, Computers,
  • Generator, cubicles and many more.
  • Training Coordinator and Outreach managers.
  • Volunteer and Special advisers.
  • We need an automobile (a special bus) designed as a movable ICT laboratory that we will be moving between schools' pupils.
  • Special ICT Training Center with full facility, for advanced ICT trainings


Our goal is to train at least a child in every home on ICT skills. Participants will be carefully selected in all public schools with at least not less than 30 pupils per school every quarter of the year. This will help to bring life time opportunities to our students and their family members. we will also have a train the trainer where trained pupils are encouraged to train others in their communities or other members of their families


Either monetary or materials i.e., we will appreciate been supported by both private organization or an entity, we are NGO, we rely more on what our donor gave us. with your support, our aim as a foundation will be fulfilled.


  1. Internship opportunities with your organization for some of our trainees
  2. Brand recognition of all partners at all our public events
  3. Brand promotion on all our social media platforms and website.

Local and international donors and sponsors are needed to support this life changing initiative.

Please Note: your brand or business name will not be mentioned else you gave us consents to do so.

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Sponsor a child Now