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Outreach Volunteer

Our vision is to help in building a continent whose young citizens are knowledgeable with ICT skills and can favorably use computer programs like other children in advanced countries


Position Title: Community Outreach Volunteer

Supervisor: Olabamiji Mayowa, Director of Hotline & Volunteer Services. Call at 08149242567 or email

How to Apply (Two options): Contact Olabamiji Mayowa for more information on the Community Outreach Volunteer position and to receive an application via email, or visit our website at to download the application.

Applicant Type: Adults, individuals, students (must be 18 years or older), anyone interested in connecting with young 🧒 pupils.

Description: Secondary education is the highest educational level attained by over 60% of Nigerians. Our mission is to empower as many youths as possible with ICT skills needed in the 21st century.

Essential Position Functions:

  •  Help identify potential outreach and awareness opportunities.
  •  Create appointment with schools on before our officials visits.
  •  Engage community members.

Location and Time Commitment: Our Administration office is located in Molete Ibadan Nigeria, Our opportunities are flexible and can fit around your routine. Time commitment and location is flexible and dependent upon outreach efforts and events.

Minimum Requirements: Strong interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills are required. Must have the ability to effectively prepare and present information and service, to various age group, The ability to work independently or with others to manage multiple tasks with minimal supervision is essential. Must submit an application and/or resume, complete interview, criminal background check, able to maintain strict standards of confidentiality, must have access to a computer, email, internet and phone.

Volunteer Benefits: Volunteers get to make an impact on the community , especially with student. Volunteers get to connect with others in the community we serve and help bring awareness to our services and other resources. Additionally, volunteers get practical experience with networking, communication skills, marketing and the confidence to build stronger partnerships.

Are you capable to take up this role?



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